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Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner

(ROWP PIR) Private Inspector

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A Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner (ROWP PIR) Private Inspector is the best person to contact if you do not have much information about where your system is located, what components are included within the system, and what physical condition they are in, how the system is performing or if you suspect a problem. The ROWP PIR, Private Inspector carries the knowledge, correct equipment and has the board certification (registration) to offer a comprehensive inspection of onsite septic systems where much is not known.

An inspection is usually carried out during a real estate transaction, when applying for a building permit to modify existing buildings or build new, or for the personal knowledge of the property owner. It is the most thorough inspection of the system.

At OSIBC, our ROWP PIR Private Inspector can customize your inspection to specifically answer all your questions and/or address any concerns you may have regarding your onsite sewage system.

Most people buying a home for the first time on septic will not consider the cost of a septic system replacement/repair when purchasing a home. Many will be convinced that an evaluation or review by someone in the “septic business”, pumper truck operator, or an ROWP Planner (PL) or Installer (IN) is sufficient. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception among home buyers and sellers and can end up costing either party $$$$$. ROWP registered Private Inspectors have the qualifications & expertise required to perform Performance and Compliance Inspections, and can provide an in-depth, written report supported with pictures. (some restrictions apply). At OSIBC, We also have qualified ROWP Planners (PL) and Installers (IN) on staff who are able to provide options for repairs/replacements of onsite sewage systems if a problem is identified. Many times, this cost can be used as a negotiating tool in the sale of the property.

Inspections for all your needs:

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Servicing all of British Columbia

Call OSIBC and get the peace of mind you deserve when selling your property.

Just like making sure everything else is in order before you sell, you owe it to yourself and the potential buyer to know that your septic system is in Compliance and in good Operational condition before you leave, to avoid potential problems after you sell. At OSIBC, our registered ROWP (PIR) Private Inspector can give you that reassurance you need to move to the next chapter in your life.


Unfortunately, if a home is bought or sold without a proper inspection by a qualified ROWP Inspector (PIR) and problems arise after the purchase, there is usually no recourse in the matter, and the seller or new homeowner is left with the full costs of repairs or replacement as evaluations or reviews performed by non-registered inspectors are often not recognized by the courts.


Make sure your realtor knows you want a septic inspection done by a qualified ROWP Private Inspector (PIR)

If you are selling/buying a home with a septic system, make sure to contact us. Only then can you be confident that you have all the information needed for a trouble free transaction.

Problems With A Septic Inspection or Installation?

We Can Help!



If you’ve found yourself just having purchased a home, thinking the septic system was properly inspected, or recently had a new septic system installed and now you’re having problems with it and are facing $$$ repair costs?

Have you been issued a Temporary Use Permit (TUP) or building permit, required an onsite sewerage inspection by your municipal government, and now your system is in failure?

We will work with you and/or your lawyer to advise what actions you can take to help you get the compensation you deserve and, if needed, make sure the offender is reported to his/her regulatory board.


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